Volunteer Legal Handbook, 9th Edition
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Abbreviation Long Name
§501(c)(3) 26 USC §501(c)(3)
AAC Alaska Administrative Code
AS Alaska Statutes
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
F.Supp. Federal Supplement
IRC Internal Revenue Code
IRS Internal Revenue Service
P.2d Pacific Reporter, Second Series
P.3d Pacific Reporter, Third Series
Regs. IRS Regulations
Rev. Proc. Revenue Proceeding
USC United States Code


This ninth edition of the Handbook is the result of a lot of hard work by a lot of people. My sincere thanks to each of you.

Special thanks to Brenda Holden, who gets credit for the original idea; Sandy Murray, who helped with insurance vendors; Monte Jordan, for her help with the wage and hour issues; Dick Veerman, for his editing and his excellent suggestions.

Over the years, it has been by privilege to chair the faculty of the Biennial Nonprofit Law Seminars, sponsored by the Alaska Bar Association and the United Ways of Anchorage and the Tanana Valley. The ideas and explanations of my fellow faculty and the insightful questions of attendees have found their way into these materials as well. Thanks to each of them.

Aisha Tinker Bray completely re-worked the sixth edition, removing the outline format and greatly improving readability. Matt Cooper has added new developments to the eighth and ninth editions and, with the ninth edition, has become co-author.

And very special thanks to my wife, Nancy, whose experience and insights as an executive director of nonprofit corporations are at the heart of the Handbook, and who put up with me while I wrote and co-wrote the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and now this ninth edition.

Volunteer Legal Handbook, 9th Edition
Handbook > Abbreviations and Credits
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