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Most nonprofits can’t afford the kind of "legal preventative maintenance" that they should get. Legal advice is expensive; risk management is hard. So most nonprofits try to do without. As a result, when a claim occurs, it can mean financial disaster for the nonprofit. Sometimes it means financial disaster for the volunteers who support the nonprofit, too.

The purpose of this manual is to provide an introduction or orientation to that kind of background knowledge. This manual isn’t legal advice – I specifically disclaim any intention of giving you legal advice. See the Disclaimer page. But it may help you by giving you some general background information in the area of legal risks and risk management.

The focus of the manual is risk management, but to understand risk management, you must be able to evaluate risk and, in today’s society, that means understanding the law. So the manual opens with some common kinds of legal risks associated with operating a nonprofit corporation, and asks some pointed questions. And that is followed by a long discussion of the law and the legal risks facing nonprofit corporations today.

Not all of that discussion of law is relevant to all nonprofit corporations, and a considerable portion involves issues of Alaska law which are probably only marginally helpful to non-Alaska organizations. The discussion of Alaska’s peculiar charitable gaming laws, for example, aren’t going to be helpful to nonprofit corporations in other states.

The second major section of the manual is a discussion of risk management for nonprofit corporations. There is no such thing as a risk-free nonprofit corporation, but there are certainly ways of minimizing the risks and even managing them. The second section introduces some of those techniques.

The final sections of the manual are resources for nonprofit corporations.


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Read and remember the Disclaimer. Treating this Handbook as a lawyer would be a lot like trying to learn to ride a bicycle from a book: you can get a rough idea, but it's no substitute for talking to a real live lawyer.

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Thanks for checking the Handbook out....

Volunteer Legal Handbook, 9th Edition
Handbook > Preface

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