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The tiny country of Belize is squeezed between Mexico, Guatemala and the Carribean. Despite its small size, Belize offers a wide range of habitats and excellent birding opportunities. While the country is just 8,866 square miles or so - about the size of Massachusetts - it has a population of less than 300,000. That means large undeveloped stretches of natural vegetation, and terrific birding in a decent selection of habitats.

In January 2006, we spent two weeks birding portions of Belize. We saw 193 species, some of them from the comfort of the veranda at Chan Chich Lodge. This site details some highlights of the trip. And while we have flattering things to say about Dangriga, Chan Chich and the people of Belize, we were just birders trying to get away from an interior Alaska winter. As always, the opinions are our own, unsolicited and independent.

Climate is what you expect; weather is what you get. While it was after the regular rainy season, it was unseasonably rainy while we were there, so a lot of the photos reflect the fog, mist, grey skies and the sometimes torrential rains we experienced. But the rain didn't dampen our delight in the country or the birds.

You can review our Journal, a Map of sites we visited, a collection of Bird Photos, or our Trip List. Our friends and birding companions, Ron and Mary Teel, offer a Bonus Page for Hidden Valley, their stop after Chan Chich. We also include a page of Resources we found useful or helpful.

Two weeks was not long enough. We can claim only the faintest acquaintance with portions of the country. But we had a wonderful time and we think it worth sharing. Special thanks to Ron and Mary Teel for sharing their photos, and to Jeff Blunt and Dave Haenni for joining us at Chan Chich and sharing the birds.


Jim & Nancy DeWitt
January 2006

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