Ecuador 2009
Birding Northern Ecuador

Fairbanks, Alaska is a lovely place to live, but the winters are long, dark and cold. A good Christmas Bird Count might turn up 25 species. For birders and bird photographers, it can be a very long time until spring.

One way to cope is to spend a few of those dark winter weeks in some place warm, where water is a liquid, there are birds to see and the outdoor risk is sunburn and not frostbite. In February 2009, we spent some time in the northern half of Ecuador, avoiding the middle of a Fairbanks winter. This journal summarizes the trip that Nancy and I made with Ron and Mary Teel, Wendy Teel, Nick Hadjukovich, Jeff Blunt and Dave Haenni. Thanks to all of them; it was simply outstanding birding with you again.

You can navigate the site by Journal Date or by the Ecuador Map. There's also a Bird List of the species we saw, with links to photos where we were lucky enough to get them. And we've included a Resources page that provides links and comments.

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