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The Republic of Trinidad & Tobago lies just off the coast of Venezuela, the southernmost islands in the West Indies. A variety of habitats, its proximity to South America and preservation or regrowth of at least portions of its tropical forests support an astonishing variety of birds; 433 species in all, 247 of which breed on the islands. The islands themselves are small, a combined 1,868 square miles. That gives Trinidad & Tobago one of the highest species densities in the world. It's a birder's paradise.

In January - February 2005, we spent two weeks birding the islands on a Caligo Ventures trip. We saw 199 species, many of them from the comfort of the world-famous veranda at Asa Wright Nature Center and the delightful Cuffie River Nature Retreat. This site details some of highlights of the trip. And while we have flattering things to say about Caligo Ventures, Asa Wright, Cuffie River and the people of Trinidad and Tobago, we were just birders trying to get away from an interior Alaska winter. The opinions are our own, unsolicited and independent.

You can review our Journal, a Map of sites we visited, a collection of Bird Photos, or our Trip List. We also include a page of Resources we found useful or helpful.

Two weeks was not long enough. We can claim only the faintest acquaintance with the islands. But we had a wonderful time and we think it worth sharing. Special thanks to Ron and Mary Teel for sharing their photos, and to all of the members of our tourgroup for sharing the birds.


Jim & Nancy DeWitt
February 2005

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