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What to Do Till the Lawyer Comes

Ninth Edition
(Rev. January 1, 2010)


James D. DeWitt
©1992, 1995-2010 Guess & Rudd P.C.
All Rights Reserved

The Ninth Edition of the Handbook is once again dedicated to the late Dominic A. LaRusso, scholar, teacher, mentor and friend. We miss you. Mind the shadows.

This manual is not legal advice and is not a substitute for legal or risk management advice. You should obtain competent legal or risk management advice on anything discussed in this manual and not rely upon the explanations of the law and risk management set out in these materials. These materials are intended solely to help you determine when to seek professional advice. While every effort has been made to make these materials as accurate as possible, the matters discussed here are complex and these materials are necessarily simplistic and incomplete. The author will not be responsible for any errors.

Under no circumstances will the author of this Handbook or his law firm be liable to any person for any bad thing that may happen because a reader disregarded this warning.

Table of Contents

Recent Updates and Changes
Preface and Ordering Copies

Part I - The Legal Landscape of Volunteers and Nonprofit Corporations

Chapter 1. Should You Be Worried
Chapter 2. Introduction, Limits and Cautions; a Legal Short Course
Chapter 3. Tort Liability

Section One. Alaska Statutory Immunity
Section Two. Federal Statutory Immunity

Chapter 4. Contract Liability
Chapter 5. Tax Laws and Other Government Regulations

Section One. Restrictions on Fund-raising
Section Two. Restrictions on Uses of Funds
Section Three. Reporting Requirements and Forms
Section Four. Taxation of Property

Chapter 6. Best Practices
Chapter 7. Private Foundations and Donor-Advised Funds
Chapter 8. Nonprofit Corporate Law
Chapter 9. Damages and Related Issues

Part II - Risk Management

Chapter 1. Volunteer Screening and Placement
Chapter 2. Education
Chapter 3. Reviews and Evaluations
Chapter 4. Insurance
Chapter 5. Statutory and Contractual Protection
Chapter 6. Alternative Dispute Resolution
Chapter 7. Practical Guidelines for Directors
Chapter 8. Best Practices
Chapter 9. Additional Issues
Chapter 10. Records Retention Policy
Chapter 11. So Should You Be Worried

Part III. Creating, Maintaining and Endling a Nonprofit Corporation

Chapter 1. In General

Section 1. Determining Whether to Incorporate
Section 2. Selecting a Nonprofit Corporate Structure

Chapter 2. Obtaining a Certificate of Incorporation
Chapter 3. Implementing the Nonprofit Corporation
Chapter 4. Nonprofit Corporate Bylaws
Chapter 5. Tax Exempt and Charitable Organization Status
Chapter 6. Maintaining and Ending a Nonprofit Corporation

Part IV. Supplemental Materials


Volunteer Legal Handbook, 9th Edition
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