Galapagos 2002 - 16 Feb - Rabida Island

16 Feb 02 Afternoon
After lunch, we motored to Rabida Island, the Red Island. Red cinder beaches, ranging from mud-sized to one inch cinders. Red cliffs; red hillsides. There's a small brackish pond behind the beach with a colony of bachelor Galapagos Sea Lions wallowing in red mud. The trail then climbs a ridge to a cliff overlooking Rocky Cove, a beautiful sight in the late afternoon light. Decent birding, with excellent views of a Common Cactus Finch in a cactus forest.

The memorable thing about Rabida is the red color in the late afternoon twilight. The Palos Santos trees were starting to green up from the rain, creating a half-surreal pairing of red and green.

Saw my first Brown Pelican nest in the trees behind the brackish ponds.

Bull Galapagos Sea Lion
Rabida Island

Rabida Beach and Galapagos Sea Lion Harem
Rabida Island

Cactus Trees
Rabida Island

Small Ground Finch
Wandering Tattler
Ruddy Turnstone
Large Ground Finch
Common Cactus Finch
Galapagos Penguin
Brown Pelican
Brown Noddy
Blue-footed Booby
Masked Booby
Semi-palmated Plover
Yellow Warbler
Great Frigatebird
Galapagos Mockingbird
Lava Lizard
Marine Iguana

Galapagos Sea Lion

Sally Lightfoot Crab

Galapagos Map
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