Galapagos 2002

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Galapagos Map and Route

Table of Contents

Feb. 05
North Seymour Island
Feb. 13
Isabela Island, Punto Moreno
Isabela Island, Elizabeth Bay
Feb. 06
South Plaza Island
Santa Fe Island
Feb. 14
Isabela Island, Urvina Bay
Isabela Island, Tagus Cove
Feb. 07
San Cristobal Island, Kicker Rock
San Cristobal Island, Laguna El Junco
San Cristobal Island, P. Baquerizo Moreno
Feb. 15
Fernandina Island, Punta Espinosa
Isabela Island, Berkeley Bay
Feb. 08
San Cristobal Island, La Galapaguera Trail
San Cristobal Island, Punta Pitt
Feb. 16
Santiago Island, James Bay
Rabida Island
Feb. 09
Española Island, Punta Suarez
Española Island, Gardner Bay
Feb. 17
Tower Island, Darwin Bay
Tower Island, Prince Phillip's Steps
Feb. 10
Floreana Island, Punta Cormorant
Floreana Island, P. Velasco Ibarra
Feb. 18
Bartholomé Island
Feb. 11
Santa Cruz Island, Puerto Ayora
Feb. 19
Daphne Major Island
Feb. 12
Isabela Island, Puerto Villamil & Sierra Negra

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