In re Raejean S. Bonham dba World Plus
Bankruptcy No. F95-00897-HAR



Thursday, June 28, 2001
8:24 PM

Recent Developments and Pending Deadlines This page summarizes some of the developments in the last 180 days or so. There's a table summarizing the status of settlements. The Recent Developments page was most recently updated on: 29 Jun 01
Recovery Actions Against Investors in World Plus This page has links to recent decisions by the various courts involved in the cases arising out of efforts by the Chapter 7 Trustee to recover monies from former investors in the World Plus Ponzi scheme. Last updated on 29 Jun 01
Criminal Proceedings This page summarizes some of the criminal cases arising out of the World Plus Ponzi scheme, including the criminal proceedings against Raejean Bonham, the bankrupt. Updated 29 Jun 01
Recovery Actions Against Raejean Bonham and Steve Bonham This page summarizes efforts by the Trustee to recover money and property from the bankrupt and her husband.
Issues Involving Delta Airlines This page summarizes the resolution of Delta Airlines' $10,000,000 claim in the bankruptcy case.
Issues Involving the Securities & Exchange Commission This page summarizes the Securities & Exchange Commission's actions against Raejean Bonham, World Plus and Atlantic Pacific.
Basic Case Information Some of the initial issues and pleadings in the case, the proofs of claim and basic case information.

There's also a Who's Who of the various attorneys and contact points.

Bankruptcy Resources This page lists some of the resources available on the World Wide Web that may be useful in understanding this and other bankruptcy cases, Ponzi schemes and other issues

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