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Last Update: 28 Oct 02

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In State of Alaska v. Raejean Bonham, Raejean Bonham was sentenced on October 24, 2002. Bonham was given a sentence of five (5) years, with two (2) suspended, or a total of three (3) years to serve. The sentence in the State criminal case is consecutive to the federal sentence Bonham is still serving. In addition Bonham was given ten (10) years of probation. The sentencing judge rejected the recommendation of community service, stating he wanted her to start making restitution as soon as she inishedher sentence. 28 Oct 02
The IRS has issued a pamphlet to Bonham creditors addresing the income tax implication of the dividends paid by the Trustee. A copy of the pamphlet will accompany the second dividend check. A PDF version of the pamphlet is available on-line. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 4.0 or later to view this pamphlet. 18 Oct 02
The Bankruptcy Trustee will be making a second interim dividend payment in early December, 2002, assuming there are no objections. Notices of the proposed distribution have been mailed to all creditors. More details. 12 Sep 02
The Anchorage Press, an Anchorage weekly newspaper, featureed an article on World Plus in it May 8, 2002 edition. The text of the article is on-line at Anchorage Press's website, but get your hands on the issue to see the fairly amazing cover. 08 May 02
The Trustee recently wrote to the creditors regarding the status of the case, recent efforts by a third party to acquire claims, and how to provide input to Raejean Bonham's sentencing judge. The letter is now on-line. 16 Apr 02
In State of Alaska v. Raejean Bonham, Bonham plead to some of the State of Alaska charges in return for dismissal of the rest. The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner article is here. For information on how to contact the State regarding Bonham's July 31, 2002 sentencing, see the Trustee's Letter to Creditors. 16 Apr 02
Bonham's petition for review to the Alaska Supreme Court was denied on 24 Oct 01. Her care will not proceed to trial in the Superior Court in Anchorage. Bonham's state felony criminal trial is scheduled for the week of 22 Apr 02. 08 Dec 01
The trustee is presently reviewing whether it would be cost effective to make a second interim distribution in this case. No decision has been made at this date. If such a second interim distribution were made, it wold probably occur around the first of the year 23 Oct 01
Bonham filed a petition for review with the Alaska Supreme Court, seeking reversal of the Court of Appeals' reinstatement of the indictment against her. The petition is discretionary with the Alaska Supreme Court; it does not have to hear the appeal. Decision pending. 29 Jun 01
Alaska Court of Appeals reversed the trial court's dismissal of the State of Alaska's indictment of Raejean Bonham. Bonham now faces trial on the state criminal charges. Text of decision. 22 Jun 01
The Trustee wins the first U.S. District Court jury trial, Compton v. Hoffbeck, Advers. 065 22 Jun 01
The 9th Circuit affirmed Bonham's sentence in U.S. v. Bonham in an unpublished memorandum decision
The Trustee seeks blanket authority to settle the remaining BRA claims.
The Trustee has reached a tentative settlement in his state court case against Richard Hompesch, former attorney for Raejean Bonham. This link details the settlement and sets the deadline for objecting to the proposed settlement.
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has issued an opinion in Alexander v. Compton, affirming Bankruptcy Judge Ross's order for substantive consolidation. The full text of the opinion, as published, is available at the 9th Circuit's site; a condensed version is available at this site.

The Trustee applied for court approval to pay and has paid an interim distribution to the creditors. The basic information in the application is available here in two forms: sorted by Claimant Name and sorted by Claim Number. CAUTION: there are large files, they will take a long time to download, and they will take your browser a while to display.

On August 2, 2000 the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral argument on the BRA defendants' appeal from U.S. District Judge Singleton's decision approving substantive consolidation. The trustee will post the Ninth Circuit's decision here when it is published.

Judge Ross's Memorandum Decision, Errata and Order Determining that the Trustee Has Established that Debtors Operated a Ponzi Scheme from 1989, affecting bankruptcy cases only.

Order for Summary Judgment in Compton v. Maag resolving many pending issues in case still in Bankruptcy Court, and Final Judgment

Order Sustaining Substantive Consolidation and Denying Motion to Dismiss by Judge James Singleton

Order Dismissing Meroney Appeal by U.S. District Judge James Singleton

Trustee's Claim Against Attorney Richard Hompesch

Trustee's Settlement Position

Order on Remand re Dismissal of Chapter 11
Memorandum re Default Judgments
Notice of Intent re Default Judgments
Trustee's Third Anniversary Report
Transcript of sentence imposed on Raejean Bonham on January 14, 1999
Order Rejecting Trustee's Usury Claims dated 13 Jan 99
Raejean Bonham's Sentenced on 14 Jan 99 at 9:15 AM
Preference Action Settlements Status Report
Court Order Requiring Authentication of Certain Trustee Exhibits
Transmittal of Withdrawal of Reference to U.S. District Court
Court Order Requiring Authentication of Certain Trustee Exhibits
Transmittal of Withdrawal of Reference to U.S. District Court
Updated Table for Withdrawal of Reference
Memorandum Decision Granting Motion to Withdraw Proofs of Claim
Order Granting Motion to Withdraw Proofs of Claim (LONG DOCUMENT)
Report and Recommendations to U.S. District Court re Withdrawal of Reference
Deadline for Joining in Motion to Withdraw Reference
Order Denying Reconsideration of Challenge to Voidable Preference Claims
Memorandum Decision denying BRA challenge to voidable preference claims
Stipulation re S.E.C. Claim
Disallowed Claims, decided 14 Oct 98
Disallowed Creditor Claims - Fairbanks
Disallowed Creditor Claims - Anchorage

U.S. District Judge Singleton's Order Accepting Over-Length Brief and to Show Cause why the appeal of the substantive consolidation should not be dismissed.
Memorandum Decision rejecting Trustee's Federal Debt Collection Procedures Act claims
Memorandum Decision in Compton v. Vanderberg re applicable law on claim of usury
Memorandum and Judgment Denying Discharge
Memorandum Decision on Substantive Consolidation
Order for Sale of House
Judgment in Delta Air Lines v. Bonham et al
Explanation of BRA Settlement Posture
Motion for Summary Judgment to Deny Discharge
BRA Defendants - the Net Gainers [ LONG]
BRA Defendants - the Net Losers
Order re Guess & Rudd's 4th Fee and Cost Application
Trustee's Motion for Summary Judgment [LONG ]

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