In re Raejean S. Bonham dba World Plus
Bankruptcy No. F95-00897
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BRA Issues

Last Updated: 18 Oct 02

Dividends The Bankruptcy Trustee will be making a second interim dividend payment in early December, 2002, assuming there are no objections. Notices of the proposed distribution have been mailed to all creditors. More details. 12 Sep 02
Actions Filed Order Denying Reconsideration of Challenge to Voidable Preference Claims
Trustee's Motion for Summary Judgment filed 6 Jan 98 [LONG DOCUMENT]

Bonham Recovery Actions, page 1 (133 Claims)
Bonham Recovery Actions, page 2 (134 Claims)
Bonham Recovery Actions, page 3 (134 Claims)
Bonham Recovery Actions - Dec 97 Complaints

Claims Against Fictitious Payees - Big I et al. - filed 12 Dec 97
Claims Against Fictitious Payees - Gold Rush et al. - filed 12 Dec 97

Settlements Trustee seeks amended settlement authority 03 Feb 01

NEW Data Server-Based Settlement Status [NOW ON LINE]

Kung Claims

Substantive Consolidation Motion, Memo and Affidavit for Substantive Consolidation filed 01/22/97 [These are very lengthy documents - be warned.]

Eighth Status Order filed 06/16/97 [sets out tentative rulings on some BRA defense motions and other matters]

Memorandum Decision on Substantive Consolidation - 13 Apr 98

Order on Remand re Dismissal of Chapter 11 - 23 Feb 99

US District Court - Order Sustaining Substantive Consolidation and Denying Motion to Dismiss by Judge James Singleton - 22 Feb 00

Rulings and Stipulations Order for Summary Judgment in Compton v. Maag resolving many pending issues in case still in Bankruptcy Court, and Final Judgment - 10 Mar 00

Order Rejecting Trustee's Usury Claims dated 13 Jan 99

Memorandum re Default Judgment 23 Feb 99
Notice of Intent re Default Judgments 23 Feb 99

Deadline for Joining in Motion to Withdraw Reference (Expired)
Deadline for Acting to Withdraw and Re-Establish Proof of Claim (Expired)
Court Order Requiring Authentication of Certain Trustee Exhibits
Transmittal of Withdrawal of Reference to U.S. District Court
Updated Table for Withdrawal of Reference
Memorandum Decision denying BRA Defendants' challenge to voidable preference claims
Stipulation re S.E.C. Claim
Disallowed Claims, decided 14 Oct 98
Disallowed Creditor Claims - Fairbanks
Disallowed Creditor Claims - Anchorage
U.S. District Judge Singleton's Order Accepting Over-Length Brief and to Show Cause why the appeal of the substantive consolidation should not be dismissed.
Memorandum Decision rejecting Trustee's Federal Debt Collection Procedures Act claims
Memorandum Decision in Compton v. Vanderberg re applicable law on claim of usury
Report and Recommendations to U.S. District Court re Withdrawal of Reference
Report and Recommendations to U.S. District Court re Withdrawal of Reference
Memorandum Decision Granting Motion to Withdraw Proofs of Claim
Order Granting Motion to Withdraw Proofs of Claim (LONG DOCUMENT)

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