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Up fairly early for a post-breakfast walk around the Bajo Trail Loop under constantly improving weather conditions. We've had no rain since midnight, and the clouds began breaking up by 10:00 AM. By 11:00 it was clear, hot and steamy. The first half of the walk was through recent second growth and pretty slow, but about a third of the way along the trail met a slough and older growth forest, and the birding improved. Very nice views of a Bare-throated Tiger Heron, a Thrush-like Schiffornis and a Dusky Antbird. We had views of a King Vulture overhead, and excellent looks at a Royal Flycatcher.

The rain has left many of the trails - perhaps especially the Bajo Trail - a deceptive mess. To look at it, it's just a little standing water. But it's mud, and it's glutinous. Before long, you have five to seven pounds of glop stuck to the bottom of your shoes. It's like walking with ankle weights, except for the lack of traction. And for sure you can't move quietly. The first half of the trail was especially bad.

Both Nancy and I apparently picked up a bug at Southwater. My vote would be something transmitted by sand flea bites. But we are both a little under the weather and ended up spending the afternoon napping and lazing in the hammock. But even from the deck of our thatch-roofed cabin there are remarkable birds: Mealy and Red-lored Parrots, Yellow-winged Tanager, Gray-throated Chat, Red-crowned and Red-throated Ant Tanager and a nice selection of Woodcreepers.

It remained clear in the evening, very promising for tomorrow's birding trip.

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Bajo Trail
Bajo Trail, Chan Chich
Bajo Trail Mud
Bare-throated Tiger Heron
Bare-throated Tiger Heron
Red-throated Ant Tanager
Red-crowned Ant Tanager
Black-headed Trogon
Black-headed Trogon
Slaty-tailed Trogon
Slaty-tailed Trogon
(Photo Ron Teel)

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