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Hidden Valley
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Pelican Bay Hotel has a very pleasant staff and is located near the airstrip. It's not fancy - I'm not sure anything in Dangriga qualifies as "fancy" - but it is clean, comfortable and offers nice services.

Pelican's Pouch on Southwater Caye was very nice. Get Heron's Hideaway cabin if you can.

Chan Chich Lodge is simply terrific.

Ron and Mary enjoyed Hidden Valley very much.

If you are in Dangriga, look up Bredda David Obi. He's a good guide and a delightful musician.

You can drive in Belize - they even use the proper side of the road, which is unusual for a former British colony - but the roads aren't great and most folks fly. We used Tropic Air and found them to be very reliable.

The best bird guide to Belize is H. Lee Jones, Birds of Belize, University of Texas Press (2003), available from University of Texas Press.

We didn't find any Belize travel guides that had meaningful information on Belize's birding. If you find one, let us know.

We booked out trip through Caligo Ventures. We have found them to be conscientious, economical and pleasant to work with.

Take an umbrella, Skintastic and anti-itch cream.

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